How to find expired web 2.0 and set up to rank high in Google

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Find expired web 2.0 register them for free and use them to rank your website


Today, we are talking about finding expired web 2.0 and register them for free. I showed you previously how to find expired domains and use them in your private blog network, you can click here to find out more.

The difference with expired Web 2.0 and expired domains is that you can register them for free! You don’t need to pay to register and host them.

What are web 2.0 ?

Web 2.0 are websites or blogs build on a free website building platform like Tumblr, Weebly or blogger and few more.
For example, this could be a web 2.0’s URL : blogorsitename.weebly.com or blogorsitename.tumblr.com

Why should you use expired web 2.0 ?

As I mentioned previously, web 2.0 are free ! So, if you are a start-up, business owner or blogger and you have a restricted budget, you can use web 2.0 sites to rank your own website and for free.

Web 2.0 sites got the same power than expired domains and it is usually easier to set up.

However, if setting up web 2.0 sites is free, you still need to invest in a scraping tool called Scrapebox. The cost is $97, but trust me it is worth it. You can do so many things with it, I will probably do a special post or guide for Scrapebox.
Let’s get into it !

Once you have your Scrapebox you will need to get yourself some private proxies. I use Squid proxies and need only 10 of them to get some good results. Google usually does not like seeing the same IP address performing multiple searches at the same time, so proxies are used to grab data from different IP addresses.

When you open Scrapebox, place your private proxies inside the bottom left box called « select harvester and proxies.

Click Edit > copy/paste your proxies > manage > test proxies > test all proxies > keep proxies which pass the google custom test > save proxies > save all to Scrapebox Proxy List > close

Your proxies are ready to go.

Let’s move to the footprint. To make it simple, footprints are kind of strings or piece of text you can notice and pull from a website in order to find similar web pages. For example site:.edu inurl:guestbook is a footprint that will look for EDU websites with the mention « guestbook » inside the URL. Here (https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/get-huge-seo-footprints-collections.491042/) are multiple footprints you can use.



On the top left box « Harvester and keywords » we will put site :.tumblr.com
We will research web 2.0 sites inside tumblr.com website.



As you can see, I also have keywords in. To make it easier for you Scrapebox included a Keyword Scraper you can find it in > Scrape > Keyword Scraper > select all sources > start.

Scrapebox will find related keywords. Then, click Export > Save all keywords to Scrapebox keywords.

So, we have our footprint, proxies and keywords, it’s time to find some web 2.0.

Hit « start harvesting »




A new window « custom harvester will appear, chose the search engines where you want to search from. Personally, I check in google, Yahoo and Bing. Then click START. When it is done just go back to the main Scrapebox window.

That is what you should have now :




Next step, in the « manage lists » section top right, go to > Trim >Trim to root > Remove/filter > remove duplicate urls.

Now at the top menu, install the Alive Check addons and open it.
Go to > Load Urls > Load Urls from Scrapebox Harvester > Start

When it is done, click on > Export > save all NOT-Alive records to Scrapebox harvester then close the window.




You will find the list directly in the « URLs harvester » box.

In order to find out the metrics of each Tumblr expired sites, you need to export the full list.
To do that, go to Manage Lists > Export URL List to txt file.

Once you have your list go to http://websiteseochecker.com/bulk-check-trust-flow-citation-flow/ to check the metrics TrustFlow/CitationFlow of your expired web 2.0.
Copy and paste your web 2.0 into the TF/CF bulk checker. Now you can list only the ones with good metrics and set them up.

How to set up your expired web 2.0


Now that you found your perfect web 2.0 sites, we need to register them with tumblr.com
First I would like to show you how a Tumblr web 2.0 looks like, this is one of mine I used to rank for one of my clients in the plumbing niche in France.


find-expired-web-2-0-tumblr find-expired-web-2-0-tumblr2


This is not the full article but just a part of it. There are at least 5 main rules I like to follow when I build a web 2.0 expired site.

No more than 3 blogs on the same account
Preferably change your IP
300/400 words minimum
1 image
1 anchor text to the website you want to rank and 1 link to another website related to the niche (not your concurrent of course)

Let me show you how to proceed :

1- Open a Tumblr account and register your expired web 2.0

Yes, you need to provide Tumblr with an email address to confirm your inscription. But using this site (http://www.fakemailgenerator.com/) make it easier for you.

Once you are on your dashboard, go to your account icon and click +NEW.


2- Create a new blog

When creating a new blog using an expired Tumblr, I like to put in the title the keyword I want to rank for.
Enter the URL of your expired Tumblr without password then answer the captcha.




You will probably have to try different URL because some of them are already taken. Yes ScrapeBox is not 100% accurate. If needed, just do the all process again until you get a good one.

Unfortunately, I did not have luck the first time so I tried again.
I finally found a good expired Tumblr and I’m still looking for few others.

Note : you don’t have to search into Tumblr only try some other website like Weebly for example.
Now that you have the blog registered to your account, you need to write an article of at least 300 words, include an image, one link to your website and another one to a niche relevant different website to make it look like a real blog.

To finish off, you can use a backlink indexer like Link Centaur for your web 2.0 or simply send a new URL to index via Google. Check my previous article on how to build and

Before ending this article, some of you might not agree with using expired domains and PBN to rank a website. Yes, Google has been updating their algorithms lately, but I still believe that PBN works. I know few people who got really bad quality PBN but nothing happened to them. PBN are still and will always be a powerful way to rank your website but now, make sure you build good quality ones and relevant to your niche or industry.

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