How to get high quality GOV and EDU backlinks

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Getting high quality gov and edu backlinks

We all know the power of .edu or .gov websites. But sometimes, the process of getting a backlink from one edu or gov website is difficult.

.Edu and .Gov websites are usually trusted by Google and got lots of backlinks which make them ideal sites to get a link from.

The usual « white hat » method to get that link is to reach out to the site’s webmaster. You could offer a scholarship, ask to be placed on the local page if you are a local business offering discounts to students or eventually offer an internship position.

In my opinion, the previous methods are great. You could reach out to multiple edu or gov websites in your city or country and beg for a link.

However, if you are looking for an alternative method, I can show you how to get a backlink from .edu or .gov websites, the easy way! You simply need to scrape .edu or .gov websites until you find an expired domain. Then register the domain and use it !

How simple is that ? The cost is around 10-12$.

Finding your .EDU backlinks

Let’s first have a look at a .gov website metrics in France as I am currently working for french local businesses.



As you can see, pretty good metrics right here !

Now, let’s see if we can find an expired domain from it.

Open Scrapebox. If you don’t know what is Scrapebox, please check my previous post.




1 – My footprint is : -2016 -2015 -2014

2- Check your private proxies

3- Start harvesting

4- Once you have your list in your harvester, open the Link Extractor addon, load the list from Harvester and click START.




5- Once you are done, a pop-up window will appear with your saved file (just remember where it is, we are gonna need it!).




6- Click OK, close and then go to the MANAGE LISTS section :

Manage lists > Import and replace current list > choose the previous saved .txt file.




Now you got your list loaded into the Url’s harvester.

Click on Trim > trim to root.
Remove/Filter > Remove duplicate Urls

If you followed the process, you now have a reduced list of domains.

7- Go to Addons menu and choose Alive Check Addon

Load URLs and click START.
Export > Save ALL NOT ALIVE… > close
8- Now you have your list of expired domains. As a final step, we need to check if they are available to register.

In the Manage Lists section go to Grab / Check > Check unregistered domains

Unfortunately, I did not find any expired domains on that .gov website. So I decided to choose another one.

In Google, I searched for « University » with the MozBar plugin turned ON.




also changed the footprint with : inurl:liens

(liens=links in english)




That time I was a bit luckier and found few expired domains with a high quality backlink from educational website in that case

At the end, it all depends on the time you put into it. I recommend you to try different footprints and be creative…you might find an excellent expired domain you could use to start a new website or in your private network.

Once again, if you have more questions, let me know.

Peace !!!

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  1. You’re recommending us to use ScrapBox even when you know that, it can ruin your website. Scrapbox always create backlinks on open link farm.
    Well can you please tell, how beneficially is to build backlinks through scrapbox?

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