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What is Search Engine Optimization

SEO stand for search engine optimization. It is the optimization of a website (internal and external) which make the content easier to understand for search engine robots.

You have two types of SEO :

On page optimization : which consists in optimizing content around pre-defined keywords and meta data, url, title, description, heading tags.
Off-page optimization : which consists in link building most of the time. Making your company known online by creating links pointing to your website and therefore build authority which lead to better rankings.

I won’t say that search engine optimization is an absolute need for every business but it is a good way to drive traffic, increase visibility, generate leads directly from your website, position your company as a leader and build trust with potential customers (internet users trust first page positions).

I believe that SEO has been devalued in the past. Probably because of traditional marketing’s popularity and the misunderstanding of the real benefits search engine optimization can provide to your company.

Anyway, right now, search engine optimization is the way to go if you are a local business in London or any other city in the world, an online store or even if you need more people to know what your company is doing. Therefore, you need to choose the right seo agency or seo expert to guide you through the all process.

As a seo consultant based in London, I will try to explain and describe, in the simplest way, what search engine optimization is all about. I always thought that any of my blog posts, articles or tutorials should be written for a newbie, so here we are !

Let’s take a look at a famous online shopping website like Amazon and imagine that you would like to buy a « garlic press » for your cooking experiments !



When you make a query into Google for « Garlic press » these are the results that appear on the first page. As you can see Amazon is the first one in the list.

Let’s take another example now for a local business. Let’s say we are looking for a dentist in West London.


seo-services-london-dentist-1 seo-services-london-dentist-2

Note : For that research, you have 3 different sections. Above the map you have the paid ads section (Google Adwords), then the Google Maps and finally the organics results.

It is possible to rank in the top 3 Google Maps for sure, but for the purpose of the explanation today we will only stay focus on organic results. But, if you are looking to improve your company online marketing and also your Google Maps rankings, please contact our seo agency in London here.

You made your research for a garlic press and a dentist in west London, I believe that your choice will be based on the first page and maybe the top 5. Isn’t it ?

Great. Now, let me ask you. Imagine you are a business owner in London, you have a beautiful website but nobody can’t find it. Why ? Because it is simply not optimized (or not enough) to be found in Google results and… also because you did not appeal for our seo services in London !
As a business owner, is it better to be found on the first page or the fifth one ? Be honest here !

Now, as an example, take our website, we are an seo agency based in London providing seo services in London and worldwide. Or imagine that you are a dentist in London. The keyword «  seo services London » has a search volume of 1000 per month and « dentist London » 1300 per month.

When looking for informations or services, 80% of people don’t go pass the first page so if your website ranks on the first page for a specific keyword with an enormous search volume per month, I guarantee you will get most of the traffic to YOUR site.

Ok, I think you got the point now. Search Engine Optimization is the optimization of your website in order to be found in Google search results and hopefully, depending on the seo expert or consultant you choose, on the first page !

Yes ! It really depends on the seo agency that takes care of your seo. Some of the seo companies like to pretend they can do your seo and online marketing when they are not able to rank themselves or at least optimize their websites the good way. That is why, I will rank that page on the first page of Google to prove you my passion and skills for search engine optimization.




Why SEO should be an important part of your online marketing strategy


As I mentioned previously, seo has plenty of benefits like providing visibility, traffic, branding, a good return on investment and customer’s trust. You, like me, usually don’t go after the first page when you are looking for something online. Users and potential customers too!




The picture above represents a google search page. The different colours show where the user is looking the most. It is called a heat map.

What can you conclude ?

1- Most of the user’s interest is based on the 5 first results.
2- Paying for ads is not always a good choice

Note : the google search above returns more than 40 million page results. If you have a website for your business but don’t appear on the first page or at least the second page, guess what ? Nobody can see you ! Don’t make the same mistake, choose FlyPa for quality seo services in London and worldwide.
Most people search for a specific term, they look at the first 10 results, if the title is attractive they click, and then have a look at your content. If they are satisfied by the informations found on your page they will go further in your website. If they don’t, they will look at another website or modify their searches and search until they find the right answer.

If your website appears multiple times for different search queries, the potential customer will quickly realise your website is an authority in the industry.

By being on the first page, you also increase your credibility. People usually trust Google, so if you rank on the first page, you have more chance to get this potential customer to your door.
Remember the first picture above, if you are looking for a dentist, which one will you choose, the one on the first page or the one on page 10 ? I think you got the answer.
Why SEO brings a better ROI than traditional off-line marketing ?

Simply because the user looks for informations himself and when needed. Let’s say you have a tooth problem and need a dentist. You jump on Google and look for a dentist because you need it right now. Instead of traditional marketing methods, flyers in your mailbox or TV ads when you don’t need it.
That means if your website shows up when potential customers make a search, 90% chance you are the one they will choose.

On top of that, online marketing and especially search engine optimisation is a measurable tool, unlike traditional marketing.

SEO services London and seo consulting by Flypa and myself, Alexis.

I hope you understand now why seo is so powerful. I would like to help you generate more leads for your business, increase traffic and ROI.
I provide seo services in London and worldwide. However, I don’t work with everyone, I usually stay away from people looking for affordable seo services, simply because « small budget » will never get you where you want to be and I don’t want to engage in negotiations.

If you are serious about your business and you want to use full potential of internet marketing, I will be honoured to work with you.

Please note : Every business are different and their needs too ! I do not provide my seo services prices anywhere because it might not be relevant for your business.

For seo services in London or any other countries, contact me at

If you would like to know a bit more about me, check my personal page here. For more information about seo, read my how to rank high in google or my other blog posts.


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