What’s up

Hey, I’m Alexis Durand.



Welcome to my blog. I’ve been working in different industries for the past 7 years while travelling the world. You see, the problem when you travel is to find a company that will keep you for a short period of time. Not easy !



Australian road trip



Anyway, 4 years ago I decided to enter the fitness industry as a trainer because I just loved sports and fitness and also helping people improve their lifestyles. As a self-employed trainer, I quickly realised that the hardest part of the business was to market my services to the public. And the competition was enormous !! I was living in Sydney, and trust me, Aussies breathe and live fitness ! Awesome they say !!!


I lived here for 3 years, Sydney!



Training on the beautiful Bondi beach


To market my business, I decided to build my own website from scratch, it took me around 15 days to have something decent !

At that time, I did not have any knowledge about search engine optimisation or anything related to internet marketing. As you can imagine, I had a website but it was impossible for a potential client to find me online !

I asked myself, why some businesses can be found online and not mine ?! Guess what ? I knew I had to learn everything about SEO.

Today I live in London, I met some great people here in the SEO field and learned a lot from them. I still work as a trainer but I also do some SEO consulting work on the side and I love it. It allows me to travel and work at the same time ! Sweet !!!!!!!!!!

Why I love it ? Well, first, I’ve never been a good « employee », never liked to get orders from someone. You see, when you work for someone or in a team, you are not taking 100% of the decisions yourself, so you cannot control the outcome.

I also love logical reasoning which can be found in computer-based work and search engine optimisation. With computers, everything is straight forward, if you make a mistake, you have an instant result, no emotional reasoning involved.

Now, I’m not an SEO expert or guru but I just discovered a real passion that I would like to share with you. I think no matter where you are in life, you should always LEARN !

If you have any questions, please contact me here : alexisd@iflypa.com

Cheers !